Simplifying Your Health Insurance Selection

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, you know that health insurance in Florida is a big part of our national conversation. New federal requirements mandate that every individual have health insurance whether they’ve been covered in the past or not. For those who have had pre-existing medical conditions this new law is a god-send as they haven’t been able to get health care coverage in the past, even though they were willing to pay for it.

On the other hand, there are some individuals who have been relatively healthy and have decided to not have health insurance. This may be because they are self-employed or have been in a job that does not provide health care benefits. Either way, these individuals will now have to buy health insurance.

If you find yourself as first-time shopper for health insurance, here are three things to consider:

What Services Does the Plan Cover?

It’s hard to know what kind of health care you may need in the future. One of the good things about the new health care law is they have designated 10 services as “essential” to every plan. They include emergency services, hospital stays, lab tests, maternity and newborn care, treatment of mental health and substance abuse, outpatient care, pediatric care, prescription drugs, preventive services (i.e. physicals, mammograms), and rehabilitation services. If you want to know whether or not a specific service is covered, you’ll want to talk to your insurer or employer.

How Much Will You Have to Pay?

Health care plans require you to pay in two ways. A monthly premium, which is simply the amount of money you’ll have to pay out to keep the plan in force. And second you’ll have to pay some out-of-pocket costs in the form of a deductible and co-pays for prescription drugs and doctor visits. If you or someone in your family has a medical condition that you know will require regular treatment and monitoring, then you should opt for a plan with a higher premium, but with a lower deductible. This will reduce your out-of-pocket costs. If you’re an individual or your family is relatively healthy, you may want to try a plan that has a lower premium. This will mean you’ll have to pay more of your own costs for services, but in the end you’ll probably come out ahead.


Which Doctors and Hospitals Can You Visit?

A doctor-patient relationship is truly unique. Many patients will strongly object to not being able to see their doctor. But every health insurance plan has a network of providers that have agreed to provide their services for a specific price. Your doctor may or may not be part of that network.


If your doctor is not an “in network” doctor, it means you’ll have to pay more, specifically more, for those services.


How to Find More Information

If you’re unemployed or self-employed and shopping an “exchange”, then you can ask see the plan’s provider directory. If you’re considering insurance that is provided by your employer, then you can speak to your employer’s human resources department.

Health Insurance Florida

The Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Health Insurance

Everyone knows that health insurance is a necessity. But do you know which policies are best for your personal needs? Whether you’re single, employed, self-employed, married, or retired, there are many reasons why you should invest in health insurance. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons that you should consider for your health insurance plan from an online vendor like

  1. You can’t tell the future. Unless of course, you’re a psychic. If, like most of us, you’re just as clueless about tomorrow as you are about a year from now, you’d better invest in health insurance. It protects you and your family from incurring a very expensive bill in the event of a medical emergency. You never know what will happen – even if you and your family are completely healthy, someone could need appendicitis or even treatment for a heart attack. These procedures have the potential to bankrupt a family if they can’t afford to pay. Health insurance prevents this from happening.
  2. You can see a doctor sooner. Most people who don’t have health insurance end up waiting in line for hours. They might even have to resort to going to the emergency room or even avoiding the doctor altogether. Don’t let this happen to you and your family. By investing in an affordable health care plan, you’ll be able to see a doctor in a reasonable amount of time. Good plans will also include visits to dentists, optometrists, and even mental health care professionals.
  3. You’ll have peace of mind. And when you have peace of mind, you’re healthier. Stress is a huge factor in why people seek the care of doctors – and although this might sound a bit far-fetched, it’s true. Having health insurance will help you to stay happier and healthier by relieving your anxiety. Whether you have the flu or something more serious, you’ll rest easier knowing you’re covered.
  4. You can get one tailored to your needs. Some people are frightened of paying for health insurance that they simply won’t use. Others are worried that a policy might not cover them because they have a chronic condition. Now you can shop for health care plans that are custom-tailored to your needs. You can actually find policies that are affordable and still cover all your needs.
  5. The healthcare reform act is in effect. If you couldn’t previously afford insurance, you can now find more affordable plans thanks to the new Affordable Care Act. Alternatively, if you do not want health insurance, you’ll have to pay a tax at the end of the year. There is truly no reason you shouldn’t try to get a good policy with these changes in effect.  It’s easier and cheaper than ever before.

With these tips, you can easily see why you need healthcare. Hopefully these tips can help you in your search for affordable, comprehensive, and customized healthcare plans. You’ll rest better and feel better knowing you and your family are taken care of medically. It’s never been easier – or more important – to invest in health insurance!